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About Us

Since 2015, MEANSOON Ventilation specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of Plastic corrosion resistant centrifugal fans.
The fans we produce include all PP polypropylene medium pressure centrifugal fans for deodorization systems, PE polyethylene&PP polypropylene plastic anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant centrifugal fans for MPCF and MACF series laboratory fume hoods, and MSCF series plastic centrifugal fans with flange connection and integrated forming without welding.
MEANSOON Ventilation is committed to meeting the various requirements of customers for anti-corrosion fans, and can customize explosion-proof, variable frequency, different voltages and frequencies, etc.
MEANSOON fans is not only sold to various provinces across the country, but has now been exported to over 60 countries.
MEANSOON Ventilation is committed to providing reliable and reasonably priced fans to our respected customers; At the same time, we will also do our best to provide relevant services well, so that customers can rest assured as much as possible.